Busan University of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of TESOL
TES 522: Storytelling for ELT
Fall 2014: September 6 ~ December 19, 2014
Jeff Lebow
pufslebow@gmail.com      Kakao: jefflebow
Course Website: Storybridges.net

Overview: This course explores the various roles that storytelling plays in a language learning classroom. Theoretical foundations of storytelling will be covered, but the focus will be on practical application of storytelling students’ current and future teaching contexts.  Topics covered will include:
- Historical Overview, Story Structure, Story Types
- Storytelling and Language Skills
- Oral Delivery Skills, Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques
- Storybooks: Resources and Reviews
- Storytelling activities for EFL Classrooms
- Digital Storytelling
- Cultural and Gender Dimensions of Storytelling
- Storytelling in Gameplay
- Teacher as Storyteller

Input from students will determine the order and emphasis placed on these topics.

Materials: There is no textbook for this course. We will use a variety of online and offline materials for this course.  Everything will be linked to or referenced on the course website at http://storybridges.net/

Methods of instruction will include short lecture style presentations, videos, group discussions, and a variety of storytelling activities.

Instructor Notes
: Please make every effort to arrive on time.  If you are absent, please check the course website for information about any assignments. Please do not hesitate to contact me any time you have questions, concerns, or confusions about any aspect of this course.

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