Thursday, January 1, 2015

TES522: Storytelling for ELT


Busan University of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of TESOL
TES 522: Storytelling for ELT
Fall 2014: September 6 ~ December 19, 2014
Jeff Lebow

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Part#1 - Dig Deeper Presentations

Dig a little deeper into an aspect of storytelling that you find especially interesting or useful. This can be related to something we covered in class or something we didn’t get around to from the Resource page. Prepare up to 15 minutes of a presentation, lecture, and/or activity demonstration that will be done in our final class.  This should include something new that we have not discussed.

Possible Topics include;

  • Historical Overview
  • Oral Delivery Skills, Verbal and Nonverbal Techniques
  • Storybooks: Resources and Reviews
  • Storytelling activities for EFL Classrooms
  • Storytelling and Language Skills
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Cultural and Gender Dimensions of Storytelling
  • Storytelling in Gameplay
  • Music in Storytelling
  • Gender and Cultural Issues in Storytelling
  • Anything else related to storytelling that you’d like to explore

Part#2 - Reflection Application Paper
Write a one page (about 300 words) paper on
  • What (if anything) did you find useful during this course? 
  • What role might storytelling play in your future teaching and what (if anything) will you apply from this course?
  • Which aspects of storytelling are you interested in learning more about in the future?