Friday, December 5, 2014

Week#14 - Culture in Storytelling


Cultural Stories

Long list of Folk texts

Myths & Legends

Folk Tales from around the World - YouTube Playlist

Ten Influential Modern and Contemporary Korean Writers

10 Racist Storybooks

Stereotypes in Children's Media

Yellow Face - a History of Racist Asian Stereotypes

Where Do Koreans' Ideas about Race Come From?

History of BlackFace in Korea

Discussion Questions

  • What are your favorite traditional Korean stories, folk tales, or myths?
    Which ones best represent Korean culture?  How so?

  • Which modern stories (novels, movies, poems, etc.) best represent periods of Korean history or aspects of its culture and society?  How so?
  • Are there Korean stories that bother you or seem to misrepresent parts of Korean culture?
  • What are some of your favorite traditional stories or folk tales from other cultures?

  • What examples of racism or cultural misrepresentations can you think of in traditional or modern stories from Korea or elsewhere?

  • Which cultural stories (Korean or not) do you think teach a valuable lesson?
  • How have you or might you use cultural stories in your teaching?

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