Friday, November 28, 2014

Week#13 - Gender in Storytelling


Gender Roles in Children’s Picture Books

Gender stereotypes plague children’s picture books

Poor Storytelling and the Gender Debate

Gender-specific children’s books ‘are easier to sell’, insists children's book publisher

Comic Book MOOC Playlist

Discussion Questions

  • What were your favorite stories as a child? Which gender were the main characters? Describe those characters?
  • If you could play any role in any story, which would you want to play and why?
  • Who are your favorite male characters from any story or movie? Describe them and why do you like them?
  • Who are your favorite female characters from any story or movie? why do you like them?
  • Which male and female characters have you disliked the most? Why?
  • Do you think the criticism of gender balance in stories is overblown? Might it just represent natural or desirable social norms?
  • Have you ever seen gender portrayals in stories, movies, or comic books that bothered you? Which ones? Why?
  • Do you think certain stories appeal more to boys or girls? How so?
  • When sharing personal narratives, do you think men and women (boys and girls) differ in storytelling style? How so?
  • How would you describe traditional and modern gender roles in Korean storytelling (books, movies, folk tales, etc). Is there much difference between Korea and other cultures?
  • How much do you (will you) consider gender portrayal when choosing a story to read, teach, or share with your child?

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