Friday, November 21, 2014

Week#12 - Digital Storytelling for Advanced Language Learning

Storytelling Podcasts

Audio books

Podiobooks offers complete books in episodic form so you can get just a chapter at a time 
Open Culture  Open Culture has a very respectable collection of great audio books, mostly classics, available for free in a variety of downloadable formats from all over the Web. 
Internet Archive The Internet Archive has a very good collection of free audio books and poetry recordings from a eclectic variety of sources.
Librivox Librivox is an entirely volunteer-curated collection of free audio books that are in the public domain. Volunteers read chapters of these books, and the chapters are then placed online for public consumption.
Learn Out Loud Learn Out Loud is a gigantic collection of free audio books, lectures, and educational podcasts
Project Gutenberg   Project Gutenberg one of the oldest and largest sites on the Web, offering thousands of free, public domain books both to read and to listen to.



Playback Speed control

Media players with speed control

Next Week Materials: Gender in Storytelling

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