Friday, October 17, 2014

Week#7 - Storytelling Activities - Part#2

In-class Games & Activities for reading storybooks


Part#1 -  Due Oct. 26
Create a plan for an amazing storybook lesson using a specific book.  Try an activity you've never done before. The format is up to you, as long as you cover the main areas of lesson planning.

Part#2 - Due. Oct. 26
Jeff will email you a link to the video file of your storytelling. Watch that video  and provide some feedback to yourself.  This can include surprising things you noticed, observations of verbal and non-verbal storytelling style,  analysis of storytelling strengths and weakness, areas you'd like to improve on, and anything else that catches your eye. Be nice!

If you're comfortable using Google Docs, please use that for these assignments and share the file with  If not, you can email it to me at that address. 

Assignments for Week#9
Digital Storytelling Tool

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